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Pokemon Card Trading Platform

Get the card you have been looking for to complete your pack. Or sell a card someone is looking for!

About Aniware

Enabling a safe platform to trade Pokemon Cards

We ensure all users are verified, orders are paid by means of secure methods and that all cards listed match their advertised quality.

  • User Verification

    All users are verified by our team to ensure that you are dealing with legitimate sellers and buyers

  • User Ratings

    See how past sellers and buyers have been rated, allowing you to determine if they meet your expectations

  • Online Payments

    Secure online payments that reflect immediately on receipt of the card being delivered to the buyer.

  • Courier Delivery

    Hassle free delivery system nation wide with tracking number to keep tabs on your order status

How it works

Understanding how to Buy and Sell cards with Aniware

We have taken all reasonable steps to make the process easy for buyers and sellers.


To get started with the Aniware process you will require to register. Register your account by selecting the register now button and choosing the Buyer Option.

Confirm and verify your email address to activate your account.

You are now ready to login to the Aniware system!

Our online shop lists all cards for sale by Sellers. The details of the cards can be viewed including the Condition of the sellers card, images of the Front & Back to ensure the quality matches the description and the asking price.

Once you have found the cards in the shop you are looking for, they can be added to your cart ready for checkout.

Courier charges will be added on checkout to ensure your cards get delivered to you in a timely manner.

On checkout you will be asked to make payment via our Payment gateway, we have partnered with PayFast allow you to choose from InstantEFT, Credit Card and Debit Card options. All payments reflect immediately and we notify the seller of the purchase and place the item on a hold / off market status. Once the seller has accepted the order your status is updated and ready to be couriered.

Once you have received your order via courier, your order will be set as completed and you can review your seller and the experience received.


To get started with the Aniware process you will require to register. Register your account by selecting the register now button and select Seller as your account type.

Load your supporting documentation as specified by the system and get your profile verified.

You are now ready to login to the Aniware system!

Search our card database for the card you have and are looking to sell. Guidelines are given by trusted sources such as TCG of the current value of the card in USD which is also shown in local South African Rand to allow you to benchmark the sale prices.
You will be required to specify details relating to the sale such as:

Sale Price, Card Condition, Rarity and images of the Front & Back of the card.

Aniware will add their commission amount on to your sale price.

You can now submit your sale and your item will be listed on the Shop for buyers to view.

When a buyer has found a card of interest that you have listed they will require to place a full order. On order you will receive notification of this in order to prepare the package for the courier and accept the order on the system.

The buyer will be notified that the order was accepting and is pending a tracking number for the courier of the package.

The seller will require to provide the tracking number in order to progress into the courier status.

Payments work in the following flow:

The buyer will pay via the system, in turn this will be placed in a holding account by Aniware. Once the buyer has received the card the order will be set as completed and the payment released from Aniware to the sellers account.

On completion of the order the buyers are encourage to review the experience with the seller.

The more reviews a seller gets the more reputable the seller will come across to newer buyers in the Aniware system.

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